Services & Facilities

St Vincent’s Pathology on site
Available on site.
Treatment Centre
e.g. for removal of lesions, treatment of wounds
Public Toilets
We provide toilet facilities
you may speak with a receptionist/Practice Manager/Doctor, or via Suggestion/Complaints Box in the waiting room or email: If your complaint is of a more serious nature you may direct it to the Health Complaints Commissioner, Level 26, 570 Bourke Street Melbourne Vic 3000. Telephone: 1300-582113 or
Liquid Nitrogen
e.g. for the treatment of warts
for preventive health care – all patients are enrolled unless we are advised otherwise
Recall system
for following up and recalling patients with abnormal test results
Immunisations and Vaccinations
many on site
Waiting Room
equipped with current magazines; water fountain; brochures and notices of various health issues
Children’s Activity Room
equipped with toys and children’s books. The toys are regularly washed with disinfectant and are made of materials capable of withstanding the regular washing and use.
Car Parking
ample shaded car parking in front of the clinic
After hours
We subscribe to the National Home Doctor Service (Telephone No: 13 7425) for those clients that need to see a doctor and the surgery is closed.
Ambulance access
at the front entrance and the side entrance
Disabled Access
front entrance and wide door at side entrance.  A ramp is available (when making an appointment advise receptionist)
Health Assessments
Anyone 75 years and over are invited to make an appointment with their Doctor for a ‘Health Assessment’. Dr Milone or Dr Fusca would be happy to perform an assessment of your health and risk factors.
Community Care Plans (EPC)
Dr. Milone and Dr. Fusca can formulate a Care Plan for a Chronic Illness you may have e.g. depression, diabetes, osteophorosis, etc . Then integrate the treatment of your condition with other health professionals. For example if you have diabetes – a check by a podiatrist and dietician visit is necessary.  By having a plan you can see a podiatrist and dietician  at a reduced cost.
Mr Daniel Chew will be seeing Diabetic Patients, by appointment only, for Chronic Disease Management establishing Care Plans. Checking Blood Pressure, Diet, Glucose, Medication Check, Record Book, etc. Bulk-Billed for all patients.
The Werribee Mercy Hospital sterilizes all of our surgical instruments.  We also use disposable instruments where possible and practical.