About our Practice

Princes Highway Medical Centre has been operating for more than 40 years in Werribee. What started as one of the first medical practices to open in a rural small town, grew into one of the most well known and loved clinics in a fully grown and bustling city.

Quality Recognised

Princes Highway Medical Centre in the year 2015 achieved the recognition of Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL).  We chose to adhere to the guidelines and standards set by RACGP in order for the community to be aware that Princes Highway Medical Centre is a general practice of quality, and for our own satisfaction – that our management of, and provision of services, are of a high quality.  We are committed to maintaining our high standards by adhering to the guidelines set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, by  undergoing re-accreditation.

We use the most recent editions of patient care software and utilise the most recent, reliable and safe information technology to provide a quality service.  For example, we use secure Internet sites to download patient results thus bringing the results quickly to our attention and safely, so that confidentiality is not compromised along the way.

Dr Milone and Dr Fusca are Vocationally Registered Doctors and a requirement for being vocationally registered is to undergo continuing medical education for which they do far beyond what is minimally required.

The reception and management staff is offered continuing education programs.  They have gained many skills and certificates varying from sterilization, privacy and confidentiality, infection control, adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), computer and administrative skills.

How we started

Dr Rafael Milone established Princes Highway Medical Centre in the 1970’s.  Dr Milone is bi-lingual – Italian being his second language – he has many clients of Italian background that struggle with the English language – thus most of the staff of Princes Highway Medical Centre also speak Italian to cope with demand.

Since 1994 Dr Joseph Fusca MB.,BS, FRACGP has been with us.  Dr Fusca graduated in 1989; he also speaks Italian, and is particularly popular with children.

When Medicare was introduced Princes Highway Medical Centre reluctantly became a bulk-billing clinic.  ‘Reluctantly’ because Dr Milone predicted that Medicare would not keep up with inflation – this proved to be so.   In the year 2000 the doctors decided it was time to return to private billing for reasons to reduce demand and increase quality.  The doctors felt that without the pressure of revenue over their heads it would be less stressful and more fulfilling to see fewer clients – spend more time with the individual, and ultimately have less concerns at the end of the day that all clients were given adequate care and attention.